World Series Game 5 Rainout-Gate

Last night’s game 5 of the World Series was postponed until today. Philly fans weren’t happy about it. We’ve got people pulling for Tampa Bay that think it’s a travesty that the poor little Rays have to play in the cold, wet, damp weather because afterall; they’re used to such comfy, warm conditions. Philly fans are upset because they were ready for their victory parade. The casual baseball fan is mad because he/she doesn’t know what the hell is going on. I’ve also heard that some people lost their parlays last night because the game was rained out, so anyone who happened to bet this game lost their money in error if it was involved in a parlay.

Couple of things here:

-My friend knows I’m a rabid baseball fan. First thing he asks me is if they’ll re-start the rained out game in the 5th inning or if they’ll re-start the game. If you’re trying baseball out as an experiment or whatever or have been living in some cave all your life; then I’m happy to say that you will not have to re-watch this game as if it never happened. Game will re-start in the top of the 6th inning with the Rays batting. The reason it wasn’t a completed game in favor of one or the other is because the game is tied. Otherwise if Philly or Tampa was ahead, they could have called it a game and that would have been that. There would have been more crying.

-I’m real tired of hearing people feel sorry for the Rays. Look, these guys are professional athletes. I played ball in college and growing up in Ohio I played more games in freezing weather every year than I ever did 70 or 80 degree days. These guys would not use the weather as an excuse for their poor play. I am sure that the Rays would tell you its no excuse and if they wouldn’t they’re pussybaskets. I don’t care that they are a dome team. You learn to adapt. Ever heard the expression “be an athlete”? These guys will either get it done come rain, snow, hell, or brimstone; or they aren’t deserving of the champions label. The weather isn’t making them suck, the Phillies hitting in the clutch more than they are is making them suck.

-I hope the Rays find a way to win (their 3-4-5, especially Longoria and Pena must hit if it’s going to happen) because I am not ready to not have anymore baseball on this season. I also don’t particularly like the idea of Philadelphia natives (asswipes as it is) getting to celebrate like it’s 1980 again. It ain’t. Both of these teams are lucky that there are no premiere teams in the league this season. Yes I sound like a bitter twatbag.