Throwing it around

We’re on the cusp of the World Series with a huge game to be played tonight. We haven’t thrown it around the interwebs in a while, we’ll do so right now. Join us tonight for our Tampa/Boston game 7 liveblog. It will be better than the NFL game that is on tonight.

-Have you heard? Moneyball the movie is coming. []
-No clue where he is headed, but its pretty obvious Jake Peavy is on the trading block. [Yahoo]
-The Rays are staring down elimination now. [Deadspin]
-That Mets home-run-catcher-ball-guy got to go to the Tonight Show for his accomplishments. [Snaggin’ Baseballs]
-Tampa Bay, win or lose, has earned one Boston fan’s respect. [Bugs & Cranks]