Eat a Dick Cubs, Love Steve

Who you going to blame now, fuckwads? I’m still at my cushy little IT job. I still sleep at night. I still fuck in my headphones. I still enjoy putting my bare ass in warm, deep-dish cheese pizza. What, I mean, I didn’t mean that.

(waves finger at the air like a sissy)

So take your stupid little curse. Take your stupid little left fielder named Alou. Take that dumb black manager; I think they fired him anyway….. and just. Just……. eat a big dick! And the balls too! Fags! What goes around comes around! Hmph.

(puts on Dodgers cap)

There. Now that feels good. Someone get me a Dodger dog. Thank God you buried these lame slack asses!

Hmmmmm. I wonder if they have and IT openings in South Central LA? I wonder what Hollywood is like. I wonder if my headphones will work in LA…… hmmmmm… yes…. headphones….