OT: Pimping Some Good Shit

Ok listen. So the offseason isn’t here yet, and we’ll get to the baseball posts in a minute. I’ve got to take a few minutes to pay homage to a couple of life’s finer things, albeit simple.

If you read blogs, there is a good chance you work. There’s a good chance you’re sitting at your desk right now, fucking off on this website and others while you tell your boss you’re waiting to be sent the expense reports from October, November, December of 2007. If you work and you wake up as early as I do, there’s a good chance that you drink coffee. If you do, you’ve found the right post.

Listen to me very carefully. Get in your car. Go to McDonalds. Get the regular iced coffee. I want you to do it. It’s the best shit I’ve ever had and I swore years ago I’d never go to McDonalds again. Not even to pinch off a loaf or steal napkins. Nothing.

Well I’ve re-considered. Now I’ll never go back to Starbucks (fuck you and your $4.30, free trade, hyped up, overpowering shit. I could give a shit about the free trade though) again thanks to this discovery McDonalds has made. And to be honest they’re not stupid. They see where the world is going. How many shitheads like me are going to get the coffee and say “Alright fuck it please give me a quarter-pounder with cheese also, but only one; you unhealthy shitbags aren’t hooking me in again! One won’t make me fat”. It won’t make you fat till you start drinking their coffee. Habitually. And if you drink it once you will be addicted. Count on it. It’s the best.

The next thing I’d like to draw your attention to is TheHigherPlane.net. We’ve all been subjected to the takeover of Perez Hilton’s celebrity blog. Well I want you to think of The Higher Plane as the Perez Hilton of Rap and Hip Hop. And now I will fend off an asskicking by the owners of that site for comparing them to Perez Hilton, but I hope they’ll let me explain.

Their site will not only keep you up to date on the world of Hip-Hop, but it will expand your mind and allow you to realize what Hip Hop is all about, what the songs are talking about, what the next big thing is going to be in the Rap community, and overall just speaking the truth about life; hell even sports.

They say this about themselves:

The Higher Plane is a thought collective finding inspiration in music and life, while promoting thought in a genuine and positive fashion.

I’ve never been a huge rap guy; unless of course you wanna talk about Tupac and how I believe he still lives. This site however, is just a great read everyday and speaks the truth about life and it’s many infinite subjects. Higher Plane, for a non-baseball site; you rock.