Game 163 Will Push You to the Limits

Tonight’s game at US Cellular Field in Chicago is the most meaningful of this baseball season. It’s the only situation in baseball where the finality is similar to that of the NFL Playoffs or NCAA Tournament. You either win, or you go home.

John Danks opposes Nick Blackburn, and Ozzie Guillen is calling out both pitchers; reminding us that he is indeed, Ozzie Guillen.

We’re excited. Postseason baseball is full of drama. We also wouldn’t mind seeing the Chicago White Sox being sent home early. In our opinion the two biggest dicks in baseball (save Jayson Werth) reside near the grounds they used to call Comiskey.

On the other hand you have the Minnesota Twins, a likable group led by angry troll Ron Gardenhire. We don’t think the Twins are a very good team, but its another case of a smaller market team that will get some nice exposure if they manage to slip into baseball’s final field of 8 teams.

One thing is for sure about 1-game playoffs in MLB, there is always excitement. We have no clue who’s going to come out of tonight’s game as a winner, but we can tell you that it should make for some great drama and two teams playing like they know their life is on the line.

We still think Guillen is a huge dick.