We're Gonna Git You Sucka

Soon the season will be over. Like when the players disappear into the corn (always hated that part) in Field of Dreams. We’re under a week now and we won’t get to see the Reds until the spring. That doesn’t seem right. Obviously we ran out of meaningless games a while ago, but you know what? We’ve got one more meaningful game to play.

Tonight the Cincinnati Reds take on the Houston Astros in Houston, where it’s a must-win situation for the Astros. Somehow, they’re still alive in this playoff race (better chance of us growing ears out of our ass). And wouldn’t you know what little thorn-in-the-side sunnamabitch is on the bump tonight for the Stros? You betcha he is.

Knock the Astros out of the playoffs? Beat Roy Oswalt? In front of their fans? Oh this is too rich.

The Cincinnati Reds don’t get to play playoff baseball this year, but tonight is our playoffs. These young rapscalions are going to go out and end the season of our most hated team, the Houston Astros.