I’ll Tell Ya Mr. Red, These Boys Ain’t So Bad

Did ya see that game tonight, Mr. Redlegs? That’s right. Marge’s boys with a 3-0 shutout of those dreaded Red Birds from St. Louuuie. Second straight win against that fuckin’ LaRusa. If I were alive he’d owe me a bottle of scotch for sure.

Aaron Harang getting his 5th win with a complete game shutout. Aw, I’m happy for Aaron. Who’da thought he’d only win 5 games all year? I’ll bet he’ll be better next year. He’ll really take those young boys in the rotation under his wing.

Didya see Bruce hit that bomb off a change-up to dead center? If he was around when I was the owner, Eric Davis would have never have left the bench.

And it’s sure good to see Dusty Baker smiling after a win–even if he’s black.

What are you looking at me funny for? Why aren’t ya saying anything? Think a dead ex-owner can’t watch her team play anymore? Well you’re wrong. And I saw you drive home the other night with your Mr. Redleg head still on. No wonder you had trouble getting out of the car, you little fucker.