K-Rod Joins Bobby Thigpen at History With 57 Saves

Last night another chapter was added to the history books. Francisco “K-Rod” Rodriguez has made this a hallmark season for the history books in terms of Major League closers. Rodriguez notched his 57th save of the season tying Bobby Thigpen for the all-time single season record with still two weeks of play + remaining.

My bit of attachment to this? I drafted and owned K-Rod on my fantasy team for a good part of the season. Enough to perch in the 2nd hole above the rest of the owners in the saves category. Then I traded K-Rod for Miguel Cabrera and Lance Berkman. I now wish I’d have hung onto Rodriguez. I’m a history buff.

It’s been a hell of a year for Rodriguez. He’d probably like to add some more World Series saves to this; what I consider to be the greatest single season for a closer in baseball history. When you think of ‘closer’ from now on, you will no longer think of stirrups and mullet (and that old ChiSox cursive script). You will think of K-Rod. We think that’s a good thing.

[Box Score – 57th save]