Clash of Interests and Irony

So on the day that the Reds officialize that Adam Dunn deal by accepting Micah Owings from the Arizona Dbacks, they also play the Dbacks in Arizona. In other words, Adam Dunn will compile stats against the Cincinnati Reds. Ouch. I never thought we’d have to do this. I have to….. root against Adam Dunn.

Hang on a second.

Ok, I’m better now. That made me feel dizzy for a minute.

One of the things that makes baseball so great is the ability to be a factor in the pennant race late in the season even if you’re out of it. The ability for late season storylines and drama in silver lining. Stuff that would have never have been thought of when Opening Day’s first pitches were being delivered. Well imagine this: the Cincinnati Reds can bury or severely damage the hopes of Adam Dunn’s new team the DiamondBacks by beating the Dbacks in this three game series in Arizona.

Jay Bruce and Joe Votto take their hacks at Brandon Webb tonight. Hope you’re ready for this Dunn. Liveblog may or may not follow.