Someone Remind the Blue Jays their season is over

The Toronto Blue Jays have won 10 ballgames in a row now with last night’s victory over the Chicago White Sox, and tonight will go for a franchise 11th straight win with ace Roy Halladay on the hill.

The winning streak helped prompt the most people ever to tune into TSN to watch the Blue Jays game on television.

A total of 650,000 viewers tuned in to the 8-2 victory over the Chicago White Sox, a 10th straight win for the Blue Jays.

The last time TSN drew a larger audience for a Blue Jays game was in 2000, when 660,000 people tuned in for a Sept. 14 game against the New York Yankees.

That said, we bet big on the White Sox tonight. And they’re going to win. Ozzie Guillen has a way of cutting people’s hearts out and using them as shit rags. You watch. The White Sox will piss on the Jays little parade tonight.