Shea Stadium’s Seats Will Cost You

We knew we took this picture for a reason. We have to say, all along since we were little, the orange seats at Shea Stadium have always kind of mesmerized us. Or Metsmerized us. Whatever. They definitely remind us of the other team that plays in the Big Apple.

If you think those seats are a special part of baseball history, here’s your opportunity to own a pair of them. They’re selling for $869 a pair, and they’re going quickly.

The $869 price tag for Mets seats is a reference to the two years the team won the World Series, 1986 and 1969. Yankees seats will no doubt be pricier, said Aurigemma, who suggested $1,923 a pair to celebrate the year Yankee Stadium opened.

Let us put it this way: if we were successful enough, or had any room or place in our condo to hold two seats from Shea Stadium, you can bet your ass we’d own two of them. We cut put them in our garage somewhere, but where would we park our car? Clearly, if you have the space for in your house for these bright orange beauties, you should shell out the price and realize its a conversation piece that will last a lifetime.

Those seats have seen Strawberry! Gooden! Carter! Mookie! Shit, they’ve seen Dallas Green! Do you realize man?