Reds 8, Pirates 6

History unremembered will tell it that on the day when the 89th NFL regular season begins, the Cincinnati Reds quietly staved off a sweep by the Pittsburgh Pirates in an afternoon matinee game in Cincinnati. The Reds were saved of a sweep with a bases loaded single from Joey Votto in the bottom of the 8th inning. Votto also homered along with Jay Bruce’s 15th home run of his career/season. Bruce also left 6 men on base today.

Have you people seen the outfield seats in Cincinnati lately? There’s no one there. I wore my Jay Bruce authentic jersey the other night out and while watching the game, and no one said a word about it. People forget this is a real professional franchise. And it’s easy to do that.
Nick Masset earned his first victory as a Cincinnati Red today after another unheralded start by Josh Fogg (not even gonna like the numbers). This mean that no matter what, no one can say that those acquired from the Griffey trade failed to contribute. Nick, you’re in the history books kid.
I also want to open things up for the first time on a guy named Wilkin Castillo. The 3B-Catcher-Left Fielder-Shortstop-Second basemen renisance man acquired in the Adam Dunn deal got his first major league hit last night and his first major league start in this game. This kid is going to be an integral part in the Reds future. Wait and see. Get him out from behind the plate though. You remember the name down the road. Wilkin Castillo. Gonna be a player.