Diamond Hoggers Approves of Instant Replay

Last night Alex Rodriguez hit his 549th home run and ironically it will have a piece of history always attached to it. It was the first home run to be reviewed (approximately 2:15 seconds) by instant replay. The home run was upheld and Joe Maddon was left crying in his freshly-shit pants to home plate umpire.

More then the fact that the blast went on to help the Yankees stay alive in the playoff race (and won us a bet on Linesmaker.com), we want to get to the root of what this means for baseball.

HOW CAN IT BE A BAD THING? I know there are traditionalists out there who don’t like any change, and believe me, I’m one of them. I loathe change, especially in my precious Major League Baseball. Leave the fucking designated hitter alone forever. Don’t every change another thing about the great game and how it is now. But leave this current change as is too.

How many plays have been influenced in the past because a home run couldn’t be reviewed? It’s not like the umpires are gonna review catches in the oufield or did the ball beat the runner at first (although, should they), they’re making sure that the games sexiest play; a home run, is legitimized. The most famous example in the past would be the Jeffrey Maier incident down at Yankee Stadium (ironic how this keeps helping the Yankees isn’t it?), but it’s happened in other insignificant ballgames that I’ve been to.

This is good for the game, in fact it’s groundbreaking. Traditionalists relax. Your favorite team will benefit from this someday down the road.