Goodbye to COOP!

As we speak, the last saturday night ballgame ever played in Cooper Stadium in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio is being played. This is a part of my childhood and a mecca for the sport of baseball for anyone who has lived in Ohio. It also served as the AAA home of the Columbus Clippers since 1977, the minor league franchise of the Yankees up until this year.

As a high schooler I had the opportunity to actually play a double-header here. I actually got a couple knocks too. I remember it was the first time I’d played on astroturf. I wore my Nike Air Max’s those 2 games instead of my cleats. The ball needed played well in the outfield or it would roll all the way to the wall.

Many a night, my drunken older brother and I would go to the Clippers games and he’d drink until he began to yell at 34 year olds that would never cut it in the Major Leagues, and I’d laugh until I almost puked in the parking lot. I also had dates here, saw my high school play for the state title and had many a night with friends.

Goodbye Coop. You will be missed.