Just ride it out

[Box Score]

We love the Reds to death, we really do. They’re just not making this easy on us at all. The past 2 weeks since the Dunn trade really couldn’t have been a more bland couple of weeks. The entire lineup has seemed to stop caring about hitting and the pitching hasn’t been all that great. Jay Bruce has been in a tailspin.
Today, the pitching at Wrigley wasn’t all that bad. The offense just couldn’t muster any offense. Carlos Zambrano beat the Reds for what seems like the 18th time this year. He’s only 13-5 this season so we know we’re wrong. Jay Bruce broke up the shutout by homering to right field off Zambrano, his 13th of the season. Joey Votto added a homer and a couple hits, but there was nothing else to speak of.
All that being said, these Reds have made it very easy to look forward to football season and to declare baseball season over. It’s sad to say, but for our favorite team they’re dead. Completely dead. They might as well be playing independent league teams because they’re not going to beat Major League teams on 4 out of 5 nights. Sad state of affairs right now in the Queen city. It was supposed to be so much different.