Diamond Hoggers Hall of Fame: Inaugural Inductee Adam Dunn

Presenting the inaugural member of the Diamond Hoggers Hall of Fame: Adam Dunn

Tonight is a very sad and solemn night here at Diamond Hoggers headquarters. We’ve been waiting to unveil this Hall of Fame for quite some time. Now we finally have a reason. Anyone who has ever had anything to do with the game of baseball can be inducted, with their symbol to forever hang in the rafters of the archives here.

It is a very immense honor to be selected. Tonight we name Diamond Hoggers’ first inductee into the Hall of Fame, Adam Dunn.

Adam during his time for the Reds, stood for everything that this site revolves around. If it weren’t for Adam Dunn, there would never have been a Diamond Hoggers. And where do we even begin when discussing his reasons for induction into this exclusive club? He’s the favorite player all-time of the creator of this blog, the Mickey Mantle of our lifetime.

Don’t forget that he tore a ligament in his thumb during a game against the Astros in 2003 and then later in that same game belted a walk off homerun against Brad Lidge. And then in 2006 he played half the season with a broken wrist and yet never told anyone about it. In 2007 he played through a bum knee before finally undergoing surgery with a week left in the season. He is the definition of durable.

With the trade of Dunn today, Dunner finishes his Reds career with a .247/.380/.520 – .900 OPS line. The .900 OPS is the second best in Reds history and his 270 homeruns are the fourth most in Reds history. He’s also sixth in walks with 755. Dunner had a great career and finishes as one of the best offensive players in the long history of the Cincinnati Reds. Thanks a lot for all the great memories Dunn! You have been my favorite Red since the day the Reds called you up on July 20th, 2001. You represented the Reds well on and off the field. Good luck in Arizona!

From his video game style home runs to his dippin and night on the town ways, Adam Dunn is our type of ballplayer. We want to salute Adam and congratulate him for his induction into Diamond Hoggers Hall of Fame.