Reds work OT in loss to Astros

The Reds fucking lost again last night, in 10 innings. We missed it because we were playing NHL 2008 on XBOX with a buddy, and it’s a good thing. Francisco Cordero: I’d really like you to stop this shit. Ever since that game in Florida when you let Cody Ross ruin our season single-handedly, you haven’t been the same. Please, please get your shit together or get the fuck out.

And really at this point who gives a shit? It’s how we feel as a fan — (we attended a football game earlier in the week and it was quite refreshing) and it’s how the Reds look like they’re playing. They don’t deserve attention right now from their fans. They deserve to be ridiculed. It’s acceptable to lose but not to go out and play out a string because you’re millionaires and you can. Where’s the fucking passion? The love of the game? And hell no, Ken Griffey Jr. isn’t missed. So glad that ass pimple was popped when it was.