Reds Swept in Washington

That Reds player-only meeting before today’s ballgame sure looked like it worked out well. Once again the Reds came out flat, lost a 4-2 ballgame and became the first team in baseball to be swept in Nationals Stadium history. They’re now a season high 16 games out of first place and are now 3-9 in their last twelve games, all coming against teams under .500 on the season.

This team is dead, flat, and honestly don’t deserve the attention that we devote to them. We should have already been half-way through our football team previews but we aren’t because we haven’t been reading up on football because we’ve tried to remain interested in this Reds team. If they don’t care, we shouldn’t either though. But we will anyway because we’re brutal, just like our favorite team.
“We’re beating ourselves,” added Dunn. “They’re making every single play in the field and we’re making none. Like today. First inning. The ball is hit at me and I should at least knock it down and I can’t even do that.”
No shit, Adam. Really. Great insight.
Johnny Cueto didn’t throw all that badly. Joey Votto had a couple of knocks, including a home run to dead center. Jay Bruce went 1-4 with a single. Corey Patterson homered in the 9th just as we were drifting off to sleep for a nap.
We’ve reached a point where the wins, well they don’t really numb the pain. The losses, they don’t hurt as bad either because we expect them. We’re also wondering if we’ll live to see another winning season of Reds baseball. We’ll keep watching and following and checking the box scores for little nuggets because thats what we do. It is all we know. And as bad as this Reds team is, we really wish that baseball season lasted 365 days a year and then started over again. We’d give up all other sports if we could just have that. That is how much we love baseball.