A New Era Begins Without Delivery

Odalis Perez owns the Cincinnati Reds. He always has. Typical run of the mill lefty that just gives them fits. Last night he stopped the Nationals 9-game losing streak by defeating the Reds 5-2.

For the Reds, Jay Bruce was installed as 3-hole right field, franchise player. He hit an impressive home run in the 9th inning to right center field. Homer Bailey got hit hard again, by MLB’s youngest team. We got to see the debut of Nick Masset (the guy who headlined what we got back for Ken Griffey Jr.), and I’ll tell you what, Masset isn’t half bad. Kid has a live arm.

Oh and that Nationals park, it is large, ugly and cavernous. It looks uncomfortable. Makes the players look so little. It symbolizes the D.C. area well IMO.

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