Milwaukee: How's your sweep?

We had to give a little mention tonight in the midst of all this trade deadline garble. There was an awfully big series going down the last few days in Milwaukee. They don’t play many of those, and for good reason. When the series began, the Brewers were 1 game back and had the Cubs coming into their house for four long days of Bernie Brewer sliding into the beer mug and the Brewers preparing their victory parade for the NL Pennant.

Well the Cubs won again today in dominating fashion and swept the four game series. They’re now 5 games up on the Brewers.

We were wrong about the Brewers. Man, were we wrong. The Cubs are the much better team, and it’s their division. Brewer fan, you can go back to telling America you got the best brats and dogs in the country–whatever helps you sleep at night, because your ball club just came in and shit the bed for the biggest series you’ve had in over a decade and may have just given away their season. You gotta live with that, not us.