LaTroy Hawkins headed to the National League (Astros)

Want to know what a slow night it’s been on the trade deadline front? We’re actually documenting this trade. LaTroy Hawkins (who I’ve always enjoyed watching work himself into a frenzy on the mound) has been traded to the Houston Astros from the New York Yankees.

Richard Justice of the Houston Chronicle really sums it up well and took the words from our mouth:

I don’t know what I don’t know anymore. That was my reaction when the Astros acquired 35-year-old LaTroy Hawkins from the Yankees. He’s a 14-year veteran with a 5.71 ERA. He’d been designated for assignment by the Yankees. He may make the Astros better, but not by a lot. Why bother?

The Astros have done one of those moves we love. They’ve adjusted the deck furniture on the Titanic.

The Astros Get LaTroy Hawkins and I’m even more confused. [SportsJustice]