Did the Red Sox call their own bluff? Manny Ramirez traded?

I mean really, lets get serious here.

Was Manny Ramirez really traded? If so, we might have been one of the first blogs to find it. If it did go down, it appears to be a bit of a mega-deal:

The three team deal involving 6 time All-Star Manny Ramirez has been reported to the commissioners office although names of the specific prospects involved have yet to be determined. Baseball Prospectus’ Will Carroll reports the structure of the deal as the following: Marlins get Manny Ramirez, one prospect (BOS), and cash (likely Ramirez’s remaining salary)Pirates get Jeremy Hermida and three prospects (two FLO, one BOS) Red Sox get Jason Bay and John Grabow.

We have to admit, when we started this post we were going to make fun of the Red Sox and their threats to trade Manny Ramirez every year, and talk about how every year Manny ends up still wearing Red Sox no name-plate ’24’ and cutting off centerfield throws from the monster out in left.

But the Red Sox who appeared to be bluffing, may have just called our bluff…. if that makes any sense. Stay Tuned…