Lou's Crew vs. Brew Crew

Only 1 game seperates the best two teams from the NL and a 4 game series will decide a lot.

This is a big, big series. We’ve said all along that the Brewers would be there at the end, and we still feel they will. They’ve got the Cubs coming into their park, and it will be a packed house. This is one of the bigger series in Milwaukee that there’s been in the last decade. The Brewers have all the makings of a team that can get to the World Series, if they can get by the Cubbies that is.

We’re pulling for the Brewers to sweep the thing. In the end we think that the series will be split and nothing will be decided till the last week of september. If the Brewers get into the playoffs, we’ll likely be pulling for them to go all the way. The Cubs on the other hand, eh.