Joba's First True Gem at Fenway Park

[Box Score]

We like Joba Chamberlain, and in fact if we had to pick a favorite Yankee we’d definitely select Chamberlain as just that. He reminds us of a young Roger Clemens in stature, stuff, and build. He of course seems at this point in his career to be a genuine human being, so that is a plus over Clemens.
Last night might have been the Saratoga of the Yankees season, as they opened up a 3-game series at Fenway Park against Josh Beckett with a 1-0 victory, allowing them to win their 7th game in a row. Chamberlain threw 7 innings, walking one, allowed only three hits and struck out seven. The game’s lone run was an RBI single by Jason Giambi, and of course was saved by Mariano Rivera in classic Yankee fasion. The win leaves the Yankees three games out of first place, behind the Tampa Bay Rays who are now 1 game in front of the Red Sox.
Oh and another thing. The Yankees traded for Xavier Nady (and Damaso Marte). Now, did they really need Xavier Nady? I mean they don’t have a place for all these guys. Where are they gonna stick him? Obviously they’ll play him because he’s hitting .330 but my goodness. It just seems like sometimes they just go out and get players because they don’t want other teams to have them.
  • The historical reference was nice.As for Nady, I think they do actually need him. Aside from Abreu, their OFs were pretty anemic at the plate. Melky is not the centerpiece many were hoping/hyping he’d be, and that is finally sinking in with the front office (I hope). The duo of Christian and Gardner were not getting the job done. Damon can’t play in the field and Matsui is out for a while.They needed a boost. I hope Nady can provide it, but to be honest, I didn’t expect the Yankees to be in the hunt this late into the season, so they’re already exceeding my expectations.Great job as usual, sir.