Casey Blake traded to Dodgers, raising Cleveland's white flag higher

Casey Blake has been traded to the Dodgers for minor leaguers. This is significant because other than Grady Sizemore, he was probably our favorite Cleveland Indian.

Blake is a throwback, a guy who is probably adored in the Cleveland clubhouse and a great teammate. He is a warrior who will do anything needed to get a win for the guys in his dugout. He played right field, third base, and first base regularly with no qualms during his time with the Indians. Every year someone was there to take Casey Blake’s spot, and every year he would be the guy who played the majority of the season and put up the numbers.

We always felt that World Series winning teams had guys like Blake on it. Not superstars, but solid players who are good people and good players. We really wanted to see him win one with the Indians last season. We’re sure he’ll help Los Angeles and won’t be surprised if a player like Blake puts them over the hump in the AL West race.