Jay Bruce Hitting Streak Watch

You know, we had to do this since Jay Bruce is in the midst of the first real hitting streak of his career; and although we’ll probably jinx him and he’ll go 0 for 4 next game, we wanted to document his chase of history.

Yes we are homers. Yes we’re clueluess. But that is the fun of a hitting streak. Each time he flairs one into the outfield or legs out a swinging bunt, we can breath easy for that night. When he goes hitless, we have to start shaving and changing our underwear again. That’s no fun.

Today: 1 for 5 – 12 games

Up Next: Friday vs. Aaron Cook (Colorado), no prior matchups

GTD (Games to Dimaggio): 44

*Disclaimer: Jay, we’re sorry if we jinx you dude. We love you. We really do.

-A look at Jay Bruce’s hitting streak [Baseball Reference]