Someday soon, our boy will be part of the All-Star festivities

As a kid, we always enjoyed watching the All-Star workout day as much as the game. We even got to attend the All-Star workout day in 1997 when Tino Martinez won the thing. But nothing can beat when your favorite player is a part of All-Star weekend somehow. Like Adam Dunn in 2002. I remember reading about Dunn maybe not making the team in 2002, but that ‘it would be ok because Dunn would be stockpiling All-Star selections for the next decade’. How’s that worked out?

OH LOOK! There’s our guy laying in front of the dugout with all the other All Stars during the derby! OH LOOK! There’s our guy being interviewed during the Baseball Tonight All Star Gala. You know what I’m saying. It’s a great feeling to know the player your franchise has all their stock in is rubbing elbows with the best in the game and becoming a household name.

I’m hoping that Jay Bruce answers the bell in this respect where Dunn could not. I’m hoping that Bruce is a part of the next 5 to 10 All-Star games. Grady Sizemore has been part of the last 3, so why not our guy? We’re longing for the arrival of that day.