Chris Berman is gonna bathe you in verbal defecation tonight

Mentally prepare yourselves ladies and gentlemen. Chris Berman is in the building, and he’s not going home until he’s driven us all mad. If you watch the Home Run Derby presented by State Farm each year like we do then you are aware of Chris Berman’s Bermanisms that he brings out each year in hopes of sounding cute or clever.

For example just from the 2007 Derby:

“It could be a national “Holiday” by the time we’re done here” -on Matt Holliday

“Albert Winnie the Pujols”

“I think that one landed on Treasure Island”

“I saw you jamming out there with the Crows”- Dusty Baker
“It was the Counting Crows!”- Chris Berman
“You were counting em’ too!”- Dusty Baker

“It’s off the platform in right centerfield….how interesting is that”

Why in the world does he insist upon re-gurgitating such stupid shit? It’s not fair and it certainly isn’t becoming. It’s Berman’s big night and we’re all gonna bear witness to it, like it or not.