We had to work this in somehow

To our knowledge that sunny saturday in New York was the first occasion that we’ve seen Alex Rodriguez play live and in person. We have to admit that A-Rod is probably the finest player present day in the game that we love, and the only guy you can argue that with is Albert Pujols in our opinion.

Love him or hate him, the guy is 32 years old and has 536 big league home runs. How hard is it to believe that he’s already logged some 15 seasons in the big leagues? He could play another decade. We’d definitely like to see him chase down Barry Bonds’ all-time home run record. We think that there’s a better than fair possibility of that happening. But how about the all-time hit record? We honestly hope that stays with Pete Rose and the Cincinnati Reds for our lifetime (unless Jay Bruce can get over 4,000 more hits).
Rodriguez has 2,333 career hits. 3,000 is a given. 3,500 should come fairly soon after. But it will remain a mystery; can he get to 4,000 and the illustrious 4,257? Hopefully we’re still writing about baseball right here when that question is answered one way or another.