About Those DiamondBacks

You might remember when we anointed the 2008 DiamondBacks as the second coming of the late 90’s Orioles. I mean it was easy to do. They were on a roll. That said, I’m glad we weren’t anywhere near Las Vegas during the DiamondBacks hot stretch. We would have gambled and we would have lost.

They’re now 46-47, they’ve got one more win than the lowly Cincinnati Reds. We’re not ready to say the DiamondBacks are bad, or even mediocre. They’ve got Brandon Webb and Dan Haren. They’ll probably make a move to help themselves. That’s what winning organizations do. What’s happened is that their inexperience has caught up to them. They were a young team last year, and they’re just a year older and still young. Except for Randy Johnson of course.

Justin Upton has his moments but he sure did cool off. Mark Reynolds hit his 19th home run today. Connor Jackson is still hitting .300 on the season. But when you look through the lineup of the Dbacks, there’s just no fear in the order. They’re ordinary.

Bob Melvin has his work cut out for him. They’re just a game up on the Dodgers in the NL West. It’s going to be a dogfight (or crawl) to win that division. The DiamondBacks fooled us. They’re not a World Series team and they’re not a team to remember. They’re an ordinary team in a city that has the Arizona Cardinals to look forward to. Has Kurt Warner beaten out Matt Leinart yet?