Life is good for Corey Hart and Evan Longoria; All Stars

The final vote came in, and the final vote says that a man from Tampa and a man from Milwaukee have been voted into the All-Star game over players from New York (Jason Giambi and David Wright).

If you’re a Rays fan, could you be any happier? Your team is in first place and your young star (who’s locked up long term) just was selected to the All-Star Game during his rookie season. I could only wish the same thing for Jay Bruce and the Reds next season.

“He earned it,” Tampa Bay manager Joe Maddon said. “He made a strong push in the last month. It’s quite a testament to him.”

As for Corey Hart and the Brewers, it’s more of the same really. Brewers get C.C. Sabathia and have a new emerging core player in Hart headed to represent them in the game other than starter Ryan Braun. The Brewers are hot on the tails of the Cubbies and hold the top share in the Wildcard Race right now. They’re one of the hottest organizations in baseball. It’s good to be a Milwaukee fan.

And really, this vote shows the effect of the internet age. The trend right now is these two players/teams/cities. They excite the fans of the game, thus influencing those individuals to log on and vote in abundance because they want to see them play on the grandest stage. That’s alright with us. Except we’re a little jealous for our guys.

Of course we heard of that message board conspiracy theory between Rays fans and Milwaukee fans that went something like: ‘you vote for our guy, we will vote for yours’. We don’t buy it.