Cynthia Rodriguez is now a free agent

The shit has appeared to hit the fan for the golden child of all of baseball. Not only did Alex Rodriguez’s wife Cynthia Rodriguez file for divorce, but in case you didn’t hear; his former trainer says that he’s completely enthralled with Madonna.
“Alex, God bless him, is lost,” Dodd Romero, 46, told the New York Post Sunday. “I think he got pulled in by the dark side, if you can say that nicely. He’s totally brainwashed.
“She (C-Rod) believes it’s what ruined her marriage,” Romero said.
“He’s more infatuated with the fact he’s with an icon instead of realizing what’s important, which is family and truth,” added the trainer. “Alex [is acting like] he wants a divorce,” from wife of five years, Cynthia.
When Romero speaks of the ‘dark side’, why can’t I get the movie and husband played by Tom Cruise from Eyes Wide Shut out of my head?
Look, we hate acknowledging this kind of stuff to begin with because it’s not about baseball. We just wish A-Rod would quit venturing into different sexual underworlds and just play the damn game he’s been gifted with the ability to play.

He’s most definitely revealed himself to be just like 99% of all athletes and what gives men in general a horrible name in regard to being family men. A-Rod, the hero of so many, is a red-blooded male pig just like you and us. Get it together dude, and Madonna? A-Rod could get much better pull than that old beat up rag. She must do something in the sack that we don’t even know about yet, cause with a scout’s eye it just doesn’t interest us. Rebecca Romjin she’s not.