MLB's Best Story: The Flavor of the Month Rays

Tampa Bay has swept the mighty world champion Red Sox. They’re the talk of Major League Baseball, and as we saw Evan Longoria rip that big go ahead double last night into the gap at that carpet house known as Tropicana Field, we knew that they’d be the toast of baseball by this morning. And they were.

We don’t necessarily think the Rays are better than the Red Sox, we’re not that naive. But we do think that they’re peaking. This is as hot as the Rays will be maybe ever. Okay, maybe not ever, but they’re 52-32 and 3 1/2 games up on the rest of the division. This is just like when those 1994 Expos (who would have lost to the ’94 Indians in the World Series anyway) ran away with things with a bunch of kids that played care-free and exciting baseball. This is that kind of team.

Lets just hope these Rays win before their window closes. It will come without warning. Enjoy your place on the top of baseball’s throne, Tampa fans.

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