Did the Red Sox call their own bluff? Manny Ramirez traded?

I mean really, lets get serious here.

Was Manny Ramirez really traded? If so, we might have been one of the first blogs to find it. If it did go down, it appears to be a bit of a mega-deal:

The three team deal involving 6 time All-Star Manny Ramirez has been reported to the commissioners office although names of the specific prospects involved have yet to be determined. Baseball Prospectus’ Will Carroll reports the structure of the deal as the following: Marlins get Manny Ramirez, one prospect (BOS), and cash (likely Ramirez’s remaining salary)Pirates get Jeremy Hermida and three prospects (two FLO, one BOS) Red Sox get Jason Bay and John Grabow.

We have to admit, when we started this post we were going to make fun of the Red Sox and their threats to trade Manny Ramirez every year, and talk about how every year Manny ends up still wearing Red Sox no name-plate ’24’ and cutting off centerfield throws from the monster out in left.

But the Red Sox who appeared to be bluffing, may have just called our bluff…. if that makes any sense. Stay Tuned…

LaTroy Hawkins headed to the National League (Astros)

Want to know what a slow night it’s been on the trade deadline front? We’re actually documenting this trade. LaTroy Hawkins (who I’ve always enjoyed watching work himself into a frenzy on the mound) has been traded to the Houston Astros from the New York Yankees.

Richard Justice of the Houston Chronicle really sums it up well and took the words from our mouth:

I don’t know what I don’t know anymore. That was my reaction when the Astros acquired 35-year-old LaTroy Hawkins from the Yankees. He’s a 14-year veteran with a 5.71 ERA. He’d been designated for assignment by the Yankees. He may make the Astros better, but not by a lot. Why bother?

The Astros have done one of those moves we love. They’ve adjusted the deck furniture on the Titanic.

The Astros Get LaTroy Hawkins and I’m even more confused. [SportsJustice]

Yanks get Pudge

The Yankees have wrestled away a future Hall of Famer in Ivan ‘Pudge’ Rodriguez to take over as their catcher for the rest of the season for Jorge Posada and all they had to give up was Kyle Farnsworth.

Are you kidding me? Kyle Farnsworth? What, did Detroit not get a good enough look the first time he was a Tiger back in 2005? I mean, even if he would have ever reached his potential this is still an awful deal.

Great deal by Brian Cashman, the cream of the crop as far as MLB GM’s go. The Yankees get a two month rental of Rodriguez and basically upgrade from Posada. Pudge gets to go after a World Series, if you believe the Yankees can get there.

There’s going to be lots of filings today/tonight/tomorrow. Keep it locked here, and not on ESPN’s Trade Deadline ‘Blog’.

Get the fuckin’ shovel–Dig up Marge! These Boys need an ass kicking

“That’s right boyssss. Ol’ Marge knows you like em’ extraaaa sloppy. Just like these old titties!”

Fuckin reds have now lost 5 in a row. If ol’ Marge was alive, or Schottzie I, II, or III…. this shit wouldn’t be happening. I miss the days when we had an owner that wouldn’t stand for this stagnant ass grabbing out on the field. Bob Castellini silent Bob act is fun though.

Rub some dog hair on those sumbitches Marge! Fuck em!

Throwing it around

We’re just a day away from the trading deadling, tomorrow night should be a fun night. We will blog trade deadline central right here at Diamond Hoggers. We remember the trades of trade deadline’s past. Randy Johnson to the Astros, Mcgwire to the Cardinals, Juan Guzman to the Reds, fill in blank here to the Yankees. Have the Yankees ever been sellers at the deadline? They don’t do it. Not in our lifetime.

-The Mets want Manny Ramirez. [Sox & Dawgs]
-The Mets don’t want Manny Ramirez. [NJ.com]
-Jose Guillen wants traded out of Kansas City. [Royal Authority]
-Stick a fork in the Atlanta Braves, they’re done. [Atlanta Journal Constitution]
-Better learn this name: Brad Ziegler. [Athletic Supporters]

Big Tex headed to Angels

We’ve always enjoyed this anecdote about Mark Teixeira. He seems like a good enough guy. Well now he’s an Angel of Los Angeles (awkward).

Here’s the blurb:

The Los Angeles Times reported on its website today that the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have acquired the slugging first baseman from the Atlanta Braves for first baseman Casey Kotchman and minor league pitcher Stephen Marek. The Angels pulled Kotchman off the field at Fenway Park this afternoon to inform him of the trade.

And with that we might have a new frontrunner in the American League. Props to the Angels for seeing that they might just have a team good enough to get back to the World Series. I knew the Angels were going to be a suitor for someone big. They landed themselves a premiere hitter, and teams like the Dbacks lost out.

Lou's Crew vs. Brew Crew

Only 1 game seperates the best two teams from the NL and a 4 game series will decide a lot.

This is a big, big series. We’ve said all along that the Brewers would be there at the end, and we still feel they will. They’ve got the Cubs coming into their park, and it will be a packed house. This is one of the bigger series in Milwaukee that there’s been in the last decade. The Brewers have all the makings of a team that can get to the World Series, if they can get by the Cubbies that is.

We’re pulling for the Brewers to sweep the thing. In the end we think that the series will be split and nothing will be decided till the last week of september. If the Brewers get into the playoffs, we’ll likely be pulling for them to go all the way. The Cubs on the other hand, eh.

Throwing it around

The Trading Deadline will be here in days. We don’t expect too much action at this deadline, as the hype always outweighs the actuals. We just wish our team wasn’t playing out the string, as they often are this time of year. We throw it around in a very business-like fashion. The show must go on.

-The Yankees actually inquired about getting Adam Dunn from the Reds. [The Bronx Zoo]
-The Mets might be a suitor for Raul Ibanez, who we figure is going somewhere. [Mike Silva’s NY Baseball Digest]
-Congrats to Goose Gossage, newest member of Cooperstown. [Bluebird Banter]
-Ken Griffey Jr. made a throat slash gesture to Jeff Brantley after home run # 607. [Y! Sports Big League Stew]
-Johann Santana threw a gem yesterday, but it still wasn’t enough to please everyone in the big apple. [The ‘Ropolitans]
-The Orioles snapped that sunday home losing streak at 15 games. Their manager celebrated by puffing a cigar. Atta’ boy. [Oriole Post]
-Dodgers GM Ned Coletti’s rope seems to be getting shorter. [LA Times]
-The Manny Ramirez farewell tour has arrived. [Deadspin]
-Orel Hershiser looks scary, and it’s funny as dog piss. [The Sports Hernia]
-Finally, a little sick humor about the Shea Stadium escalator. We rode it and survived. [The Undrafted Free Agents]

When it Rains it Pours

The Reds entered last weekend’s home series with the Colorado Rockies at 50-53, hoping for a sweep that would get them to .500 and begin a heroic run to the wildcard. Instead, in typical and predictable Redleg fashion, they were swept out of town and basically the season deemed dead.

Well of course, wouldn’t you know who’s starting tonight. They call him ‘Roy O.’ and I call him “oh fuck, there’s a loss”.

Mr. Oswalt, pictured above after a deer hunting trip (getting shitfaced with Mr. Pitch n’ Chew himself, Jake Peavy); is 19-1 all time against the Reds with a 2.46 ERA in 22 games started. Like, why even play tonight? I mean really. Just give the Astros the ballgame and take the night off. Oswalt is struggling this season (7-8 with a 4.56 ERA), but I’d be willing to bet that he finds his old self against the Reds. That’s what everyone does, that’s what the Rockies did. Yes sir, when a team goes up against the Reds that is like them hearing the dinner bell, time for everyone to get healthy.

And honestly, fuck Dusty Baker in the pants for continuing to show nepotism to Corey Patterson. Asshole.

*Image courtesy of Big Lead

Throwing it around

We’ve been slacking on the blog a bit. We’ve been sick as dogs. Lyme Disease is a real pain in the ass. To have it in the middle of the summer is even worse, we think. Hopefully by this time next season we feel normal again. It’s saturday and here’s the baseball related content that was worthy of a linky. Not long from now college football will be catching many’s focus on these days.

-MLB.com’s Iphone baseball application is a joke. We still want an Iphone though. [Deadspin]
-The Red Sox have had it with Manny Ramirez. Again. Yeah right. [Boston.com]
-Mike Hampton is making his first start in almost 3 years tonight. Pretty cool. [Metsmerized Online]
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-The last pictures of Harry Caray ever taken at Wrigley Field. [Home Run Derby]
-Interview with Milton Bradley, who likes dominoes. [Y! Sports Big League Stew]

Casey Blake traded to Dodgers, raising Cleveland's white flag higher

Casey Blake has been traded to the Dodgers for minor leaguers. This is significant because other than Grady Sizemore, he was probably our favorite Cleveland Indian.

Blake is a throwback, a guy who is probably adored in the Cleveland clubhouse and a great teammate. He is a warrior who will do anything needed to get a win for the guys in his dugout. He played right field, third base, and first base regularly with no qualms during his time with the Indians. Every year someone was there to take Casey Blake’s spot, and every year he would be the guy who played the majority of the season and put up the numbers.

We always felt that World Series winning teams had guys like Blake on it. Not superstars, but solid players who are good people and good players. We really wanted to see him win one with the Indians last season. We’re sure he’ll help Los Angeles and won’t be surprised if a player like Blake puts them over the hump in the AL West race.

Joba's First True Gem at Fenway Park

[Box Score]
We like Joba Chamberlain, and in fact if we had to pick a favorite Yankee we’d definitely select Chamberlain as just that. He reminds us of a young Roger Clemens in stature, stuff, and build. He of course seems at this point in his career to be a genuine human being, so that is a plus over Clemens.
Last night might have been the Saratoga of the Yankees season, as they opened up a 3-game series at Fenway Park against Josh Beckett with a 1-0 victory, allowing them to win their 7th game in a row. Chamberlain threw 7 innings, walking one, allowed only three hits and struck out seven. The game’s lone run was an RBI single by Jason Giambi, and of course was saved by Mariano Rivera in classic Yankee fasion. The win leaves the Yankees three games out of first place, behind the Tampa Bay Rays who are now 1 game in front of the Red Sox.
Oh and another thing. The Yankees traded for Xavier Nady (and Damaso Marte). Now, did they really need Xavier Nady? I mean they don’t have a place for all these guys. Where are they gonna stick him? Obviously they’ll play him because he’s hitting .330 but my goodness. It just seems like sometimes they just go out and get players because they don’t want other teams to have them.

It all happened in little ol' Dayton!

In case you didn’t get a chance to see this brawl, it made national news. They had two kids on FOX News today from the game talking about how scarred they were from it. I kept expecting to hear the hosts say: ‘we’re so very sorry you had to bear witness to such a tragedy’.

And to the pitcher who fired a baseball and hit the crowd while aiming at the opposing dugout, stupidity isn’t a crime. You’ll be back on the mound in no time.