There's dirt on Bunny Arroya; we just wish he was pitching better!

Look, we’re not in the business of bustin out ballplayers for anything. Especially those that play for our favorite team. We prefer to leave those type of scoops to the folks at Baseball Dirty and such. We used to be ballplayers. We, to an extent, know how it is. Just not on a Major League scale. One can only dream.

But every once in a while something gets sent to us that just fits. A reader tip that sounds about right. In those situations, since we’re not making anything up; rather just running with it, we’ve got to report it. It doesn’t help matters what #61 has been pissing us off mightily lately.

Story #1 (we’re just cutting & pasting here):

My sister just recently got a job with a public events planning firm (I believe) down in the Union Center area. Well she came home today from her first day on the job and told me an intriguing story. She says that, for one thing one of the employees is dating Brandon Phillips, and another knows Bronson personally, even has his number in her phonebook. Any way the girl who knows Bronson says that he is an @ss and she has been to Bronson’s place up in Mt. Adams and there are pictures of naked girls on the wall, not bad right….., well she also says that Bronson has drugs around the place, she didn’t specify which kind, but that he has drugs, so if any one needs a fix hit up BA. She also says that even though BA is married, he has a girlfriend on the side and is currently having relationship struggles with that girl.

Story #2:

Ive got a buddy who goes to NKU and has ran into Bronson a couple times at the bars and have heard some stories about Bronson just walking up to girls that are with their boyfriends and trying to take them away right in front of the guy. One time this guy said something back to Bronson and Dunn stepped in with “Is there a problem here?” That is what my buddy told me also so I wouldnt write that in stone or anything.

Written in stone it’s not. However, where there’s smoke there is certainly fire. We’ve heard stuff like this before about the rocker turned ballplayer Bunny Arroya. We’ve met women who were bonkers over him because of a one time deal thing (Bunny probably didn’t even remember her name afterwards). We just hope Bunny realizes that his career is at a crossroads and it means enough to him to pitch with some purpose over the next few months, or at least throw well enough to draw some interest and get dealt. I can’t watch this shit anymore.