Return to Bobby V’s

You might remember that Bobby Valentines restaurant in Stamford brings back a lot of fond memories for us. We have been talking about the place since we first ventured there in 2005, and we had the chance to go back. This time we were determined to take it all in.

You can view the award winning menu here. We went with the buffalo chicken wrap. We’d of liked to have eaten a lot more, but we got the stomach flu on sunday and we ended up on every shitter on the way from Stamford, CT to Shea Stadium (including on the subways).

This place served as a great spot to go before a Mets game. It set the mood just fine. We asked the bartender/waiter serving us and only a few regulars seated at the bar about Bobby V’s whereabouts, and he told us that he was in Japan and not to expect him back until the winter months.

We also mentioned that we were heading for the Mets game (asking for a courtesy cup spitter on the way out the door), and surprisingly he wasn’t amused. This came as a surprise to us.

We looked at the vast array of pictures and memoribilia at the joint, but our favorite was the Mickey Mantle picture and message that we put above.

We come to find out that Bobby Valentine also has a blog! It just gets better and better with this guy. We don’t know when our next trip to Bobby V’s might come, or if it should ever come again, but this was exactly what we wanted out of our expedition to the famous eating spot and watering hole.