We're expecting the worst for Red Sox/Reds

Tonight the Boston Red Sox come to town for a game for the first time since the 1975 World Series when Carlton Fisk was wishing it fair en route to a Boston victory. Tonight, the Reds enter play with a deficit of 8 games to climb out of in the Wild Card race.

Honestly, they’ll get swept. I am no longer filled with optimism and the Reds simply aren’t anywhere close to as good as the Red Sox. Sure a blind squirrel finds an acorn every once in a while, but its not today. The Reds are going to get shit on for 3 games and things are going to get interesting once again for my boy Adam Dunn and any other player on the team of more than a year or so with a pulse.

6 foot 6 wonderkid Justin Masterson takes the mound for Boston. Like all young guns, I’ll be interested to see how he fares against the hitting machine that is Jay Bruce. That is the only reason for interest in this team right now. They’ve given us little else.