Diamond Hoggers Summer Tour 2008!

You might recall last summer when our plan to bombard ballparks of America was derailed. Now it’s time to look to a new beginning, Diamond Hoggers Summer Tour 2008, sponsored by the fine folks at Skoal.

We haven’t been able to post much lately, but we’re busy preparing. We’ll be filing dispatches and stories every step of the way. We get to see the Reds take on the Yankees at the Stadium (not just once, but twice) and give the Bronx Zoo one final send off as we know it. We’ll also finally get to see Shea. We’re also going to make a stop by our favorite Mets hot spot and see if we can give our old friend Bobby V. a visit. I don’t shine shoes no more, Bob.

A week from right now we’ll be headed out east leaving our troubles behind. And we’ll be logging all the fun right here. Diamond Hoggers does the Big Apple.