The Wives of Major League Baseball Should Have Fun with This

We used to link On the DL quite a bit as well as make stops by there to see some funny photos and hear stories of Major Leaguers doing taboo. They stopped posting as much stuff, but we never forgot their contributions.

There’s a new sherriff in town now in the baseball gossip game. Meet Baseball Dirty, who dubs itself as ‘MLB’s Dirtiest Little Secrets’. The lead story over there right now is a picture of what appears to be the newest member of the 500 home run club Manny Ramirez, getting his junk grabbed by a Lindsey Lohan-looking gal.

There’s certainly a space in the blogging world for a site like this if someone wants to put the time into it to find interesting content. We’ll be sure to keep an eye on this site for the forseeable future.