Ken Griffey Jr.'s 600th Home Run

We’ll guess that this is the first official blog post detailing Ken Griffey Jr.’s 600th home run of his career. We’re proud to be it.

Griffey hit a hanging breaking ball of Mark Hendrickson of the Florida Marlins down the right field line at Pro Player Stadium in the first inning tonight. This home run was very similar to the one that Junior hit out for his 500th home run in St. Louis and was pretty much a taylor-made Griffey home run like he’s done so many times in his illustrious career.
There’s been high marks and low marks in Griffey’s time in Cincinnati. There’s been times I enjoyed having him and times I wanted him to move on. I can honestly say after my initial love-fest with Darryl Strawberry when I first discovered baseball (and I never saw Strawberry on TV), a 5 to 8 year lovefest with Griffey really took off. I remember where I was for Junior’s 300th, 400th, 500th, and now tonight 600th home run.

Griffey has been good to me at times, and good to members of my family. I’ve heard all the reports about the guy. Bottom line, and he will not be without some controversy; but he has been the greatest power hitter of our lifetime if you’re 30 and under–and he isn’t a bad guy all the time. Not McGwire and not Sosa, or anyone else up or down the career home run ladder. We all know about ‘if it weren’t for injuries’ in regards to Griffey. That said it’s still been great watching Griffey through his prime and up to this moment in which we think it will be his final major culmination as a player (we do not think he can get to 700).

Congrats Junior, you’ve earned it