Danny Graves is making a comeback attempt

I bet you thought that Danny Graves was finished as a pitcher in the big leagues. Last we heard, Graves was over in Saigon or somewhere ‘finding his roots’ with his mother. Now Danny Graves is one step away from being back in the big leagues.

This is a guy we remember well. He saved 41 games for the Reds during the summer of 2004 when we moved to Cincinnati and worked downtown. He notched 182 saves overall for the franchise and the downward spiral didn’t start for the pitcher until he was asked to become a starter.

Graves is now a starter again, and has a 3.99 ERA and is 2-1 in AAA. He says he’s gotten his life together after a tough divorce and has his drinking under control.

We remember after Danny Graves was traded to the Mets reading an article in the local fishwrap. Graves had a box of Skoal cans some full and some empty that he was ceremoniously giving up as a gift to remember him by to teammates such as Adam Dunn. He said to them “I won’t be needing this anymore. So long.”

We absolutely hope Graves can get back into the big leagues one more time. Fans of every team should have the experience of a ‘Danny Graves save’. You know, where the closer loads the bases with two outs in the 9th and gives up 2 runs after entering with a 3-run lead.