Johnny Damon's 6 hit day in the Bronx

Johnny Damon had a day he could only replicate in video games, and all it cost him was his porn ‘stache. It was a banner day at the Cathedral in the Bronx for both Damon and the Yankees. Damon collected 6 base hits in 6 at bats and ended the day with a game winning ground rule double. The guy is now hitting .323 for the season and I have to admit I’d left him entirely for dead, possibly along with his team.

This is the type of win that could easily get the Yankees back in things in an already interesting American League East. They’re now 31-31 on the year. Not to be lost in all this is the Great Giambino, who hit his 13th home run of the season and now has seen his own average creep up to .259 on the campaign.

That Jose Guillen guy who went off a few weeks ago? He hit 2 bombs of his own, drove in 7 runs, and threw out Melky Cabrera at the plate in a losing effort. That might make a guy feel a bit deflated. Too many fucking babies I tell ya.