Joba starts a new era in the Bronx tonight

Every team has their young face player, at least one. Even the Yankees who are overhauled with older players getting ancient by the night have their crown jewel. Tonight that jewel is on display. Joba is that guy for the Yankees. He’s the future face of the franchise when Derek Jeter decides he’s had enough. There will soon come a time when Alex Rodriguez has hit his last home run. When that time comes, Joba will be the star of this team.

I just hung up the phone with Editor George; yes George. He’s on his way to the Bronx by way of train to see this turning point in young Joba’s career. I have to admit, this is one of those ballgames that you’d attend by your lonesome if no one else would go with you. I can honestly say I been thinking about this game all day and what the result will be. I’m as interested as anyone outside of the Big Apple to see what Chamberlain can do as a starter. Obviously by reading my previous comments, I think he’s going to be a success.

The other reason that this game is going to be a real treat is because the Blue Jays are throwing Roy Halladay; and if you’re a young 22 year old pitcher like Joba what better guy to watch throw on the bump for the other side. I’m sure Joba would rather see a more formidable opponent starting pitcher, but this has the makings of a classic.

It’s said that Chamberlain is only supposed to get 65-70 pitches, but I’d be willing to bet if he’s cruising along, they’ll give him 85-90 and let him have a day. It should be interesting, and by seasons end, this could be one of the premiere weapons in all of baseball.

A turning point in Joba’s career. [NY Times Bats Blog/Yankees]