Moments are only in a day; but legends live on forever


Every day Jay Bruce does something that could only come from a dream, only to top it the very next game he plays. We have to admit, this whole week has been so exciting and unbelievable on the part of the 21-year old rookie that it’s all starting to run together for us. The fact of the matter is, you couldn’t even have stuff this good in a dreams.

On the day when our childhood favorite player Ken Griffey Jr. opened scoring with his 599th home run of his legendary career, the new kid in town closed scoring with the first homer of his own career. He also added 2 more hits in addition and 3 runs scored. You just knew his first home run was going to come in a situation like this after watching his flare for the dramatics all week long. The most impressive part of it to us is that he’s doing it with all eyes watching. The crowds in Cincinnati the past two days have been two of the largest of all season. It’s not just the fans in the ballpark, it’s fans all around the league that are taking notice of this kid.

The Reds, for the first time in what has seemed to be an eternity; are leading off sports highlight shows all over America. The Reds are 4-1 and there is a clear buzz in the city that gets louder with every crack of the Deal’s black Louisville. As we propheted, Bruce is saving baseball in Cincinnati. Sure, that might seem like a lot of pressure to put on a kid, but not this guy. He’s got the head on his shoulders that will keep him playing hard and not allow any amount of success to change that. The Deal seems too good to be true.

We were a little surprised to hear that this was the first walk-off home run in Jay Bruce’s entire life. What could be better than after seeing Bruce’s moonshot land in the moondeck, seeing Dusty Baker skip off the field in amazement with his new pup Bruce at his side. How ironic that this could have been going on for 2 months or more if Baker had wanted it to. But we can’t think like that. We have now and that is all we have. The past doesn’t matter because of The Deal. Josh Hamilton’s monstrous season over in Texas is now meaningless to Reds fans, because we have Bruce. All that matters is the future and the now. Right now is better than folklore, and it’s better than dreams. We have to admit, it feels pretty good.