Harang is a synonym for tantrum, you know

It couldn’t continue forever. Last night the Reds’ 9-game home winning streak was snapped, ending the longest of its type since Great American was opened in 2003. This was largely because Aaron Harang gave up 10 hits and 6 earned runs in 4 innings. He falls to 2-7 on the season. Let me add that this is a guy who many Reds fans will argue is the supposed ‘Ace’ of the staff.
To extend the point on Harang; I don’t think he’s an ace. I never have. Before I’m going to start calling him our stopper he is going to have to start stopping our losing streaks instead of stopping win streaks. I certainly hope that Edison Volquez is a true #1 that he appears as, because Harang to me is nothing more than a high end #2 in this league. Thus ends that.
Jay Bruce was slotted in his future perch, the 3-hole. He was hit by a pitch, he grounded out, and he lined out off Pirates closer Matt Capps. He will not get a hit in every game that he plays in in his career, it’s official. Still a new gloss on this team with him in the lineup.
Jerry Hairston (hitting .345) collected 2 hits an Brandon Phillips homered. The Reds didn’t have much offense to speak of, while the Pirates got home runs from Jason Bay and Xavier Nady. Does anyone realize what kind of season Nady is having? Didn’t this guy have lupis or some shit, left for dead at one point in his career?

Now we welcome the Braves, who I have always thought is a real shitty bunch. I’m tired of hearing about Chipper Jones’ .400 average and Bobby Cox. Hopefully we sweep them out of town, but even if we don’t at least we’re not gonna have to run into Brian Jordan.