Throwing it around

It’s Memorial Day weekend! It’s a time to be happy. Drink a few beers (or Tomato juice) and appreciate the fact that life is good. If you’re not a baseball fan and you’ve somehow stumbled onto this site, you need to get in front of a television sometime before you go back and sit under the flourescent lights on tuesday morning and watch a couple innings. You might not like it. There’s plenty of people who think that baseball sucks on television (horrifying); but we promise you that when it’s said and done you’ll feel more American. And damnit that’s a good thing!

-This blog hasn’t had enough Gary Carter mentions. If you’ve read The Bad Guys Won, you know Carter hasn’t changed a bit. [Deadspin]
-The Wisconsin Bratwurst Festival is underway. You tell me you don’t want one of those Bavarian Beer Battered Brats? [Edible Antics]
-Josh Hamilton, MVP candidate. [Dallas Morning News]
-Rich Harden has had success against the Red Sox. [Baseball Musings]
-Big win for the Yankees by the Hudson last night, recapped by a big blog. [Lohud Yankees Blog]
-Citi Field is coming along nicely. [New York Post]
-The Phillies and the Astros have been locked up in a battle this weekend. [Phillies Flow]
-The implosion of the first baseball stadium I ever went to. [YOUtube]