No we’re not shitting you; Pokey Reese is back in baseball

You know, oddly enough this afternoon we were looking at a Cincinnati Reds box score from 10 years ago today. In it we could not help but to fixate on Pokey Reese and think about how incredibly solid he was for the Reds back in 1999 (the last time they had a strong team).

It’s now official: Reese is back in baseball. He was signed today by who else, the Washington Nationals and their crazy fucking General Manager Jim Bowden. Reese has been assigned to AAA Columbus for the time being.

Reese, who is reportedly in good shape; hasn’t played baseball since 2004 when he hit .221 for the Boston Red Sox (and got to ride their World Championship float, pictured). That came after stops in Pittsburgh (.264), and Florida (.215). Like the Reds, he never quite re-created the magic from 1999 when he hit a whopping .285 for the year.

And I go back to Jim Bowden. What in God’s name? He’s picking through the bones of former Cincinnati Reds wash outs like no other. In his tenure he has brought on board Felipe Lopez, Austin Kearns, Wily Mo Pena, Aaron Boone, Brett Boone, and basically has a hard on every time a Reds player is available. Does he realize that the Reds weren’t good and that could be why things aren’t going well in Washington?

Bowden should make a play for George Foster; who we hear is still solid as sheet rock. How about Hal Morris? You’re telling me Hal Morris couldn’t show up tomorrow and out hit Nick Johnson? Fuggetaboutit.