Take a bow Jason Werth, you'll never have another game like this

Jason Werth has got to be one of our all time favorite players. To heckle and fuck with. But tonight, he’s made us look like an ass.

Werth has batted three times tonight against the Toronto Blue Jays, and three times Werth has homered. He’s hit two bombs backside to right field (a grand slam and a three run homer); and a solo jack just to add to the carnage. If you tally all that up correctly, he’s got 8 RBI’s in a game currently in the 6th inning.

And thus goes to show you in baseball, the sun can truly shine on any dog’s ass on a given day. You don’t have to be a superstar to do amazing things. Adam Dunn has never hit 3 home runs in a game, but this Punch and Judy specialist Werth has now added it to his resume.

And what about his mom? We can’t believe she gave birth to J. Werth. Last time we saw a face like his, there was sores on it from the jockey hitting it.