Throwing it around

We’re up a bit late. Hope everyone had a great mother’s day. We’re actually headed to the ballpark tomorrow in the Queen City. Times could be better for the home team Reds, but we’ll never let a night at the ballpark be a dull one. More on that later, for now we’re linking what interested us on this day in baseball blog reading.

-Prince Fielder simply isn’t hitting home runs as far as he did last season. Whats the mystery? [In-Between Hops]
-The Florida Marlins, winners of 7 in a row. Dan Uggla is on fire. They’re the world’s best little big league team. [Marlin Baseball]
-Ryan Braun loves hitting with the Mother’s Day pink bats. [The Bucky Channel]
-It should be noted, my fantasy teamer Kevin Youkilis hit 5 bombs for me this week. [Boston Herald]
-Who’s got the best Philly Cheesesteak in Philly? [Tasty Madness]
-What do the Reds have to do to contend? [MLB Trade Rumors]
-The demise of Travis Hafner isn’t as great as one might think. [Beyond the Box Score]
-The Phils missed Jimmy Rollins man. [Phillies Flow]