The Stink relinquishes his spot

Eric Gagne is a big stinky man. And he is a big stinky man who admits that he no longer should be throwing 9th innings for a Brewers ballclub that is fighting with everything it has to contend in the NL Central.

You had to know this implosion was coming. At least we saw it coming. Gagne is not the pitcher that he was back when he converted some insane 90-something straight save opportunities. He’s not even a shadow of that man. I don’t know how this is all going to end for Gagne. We suspect that Gagne will end up being a guy who throws 7th innings and is unsuccessful on some nights. He’ll eventually be released from the Brewers and kick around the league.

No matter what, we can now confirm that the Eric Gagne of old will not be returning.